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How much is an average backyard swimming pool?

Price depends on the type, size, and options on your pool. Dependent upon the type of pool (gunite, vinyl, or fiberglass) the priced is based on a per square foot price along with various options. A Vinyl-Lined Inground swimming pool can start as low as $20,000 and the average gunite pool will start around $50,000 and go up from there.

What is the difference in vinyl, fiberglass, and gunite pools?

There are numerous differences, the biggest is price – at least in the Kansas City metro area it is. A few of the other differences are:
*** A Gunite or shotcrete pool has a sprayed concrete pool structure with a waterproof tile water line and some sort of plaster or diamond
brite interior finish.
*** A Vinyl lined pool has some sort of wall structure, either steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, or plastic. The floor is usually pool Krete, vermiculite and portland cement mixed and troweled on the floor. The liner then goes over the floor and the walls.
*** Fiberglass pools are just that, fiberglass formed to the shape of a pool. The biggest knock on fiberglass is size and shape restrictions. There is also some concern on the support structure. Be sure to have a qualified crew install your pool to avoid structural or floatation problems.

What is a salt water pool?

What you are doing is adding salt to your water (instead of chlorine) to make sodium hyper-chloride instead of calcium hyper-chloride. It is still a form of chlorine. The difference is the machine (the chlorine generator) is making your chlorine for you rather than you having to physically add a chlorine product to the pool.

What sets Crystal Waters Pool & Spa apart?

It's the RELATIONSHIP! It's the same reason you either go back and buy car after car from that one car dealer or go back to that same mechanic time after time – it's the relationship you build. We also try to listen to what YOU want and build your dream not ours. Steve and Tom are involved in every phase of the process form that first appointment through the construction process to the servicing of your pool.